Bowser Bean unveils latest rebranded site

Bowser Bean has revealed its latest rebranded site in Finley, in a strategic move towards bolstering brand awareness within its communities.

The first phase of the rebrand was an external rebrand in a bid to increase brand recognition. Internal upgrades are currently underway and include a full kitchen re-fit, an upgraded dining area, and new shelving.

Claire Hatty, Marketing Manager at Bowser Bean, said the rebrand was a relatively simple process, only taking about a month from concept to execution, while the internal upgrade is scheduled to take a few more weeks.

“The major change is a full kitchen re-fit, which will enhance operations and increase cooking capacity. The dining area will also be upgraded to provide a pleasant and comfortable area for our customers to enjoy our delicious menu.

“Furthermore, Bowser Bean Finely will have new shelving installed, aligning with the Bowser Bean aesthetic of low-line shelves to support the illusion of larger space. The installation of new shelving further serves to refine the structure and flow of the convenience categories as well as adjust the key pathways of the customer in efforts to maximise the shopping experience.”

As Bowser Bean continues to expand, Hatty says that brand recognition is imperative, and they must ensure that they are reinforcing their identity.

“This is achieved through re-branding locations that we acquire, serving as a key benefit to executing a rebrand. Further, as the Bowser Bean network continues to expand, the strategy to ensure all sites are branded, respectively, supports the cultivation of brand loyalty.

“Bowser Bean bridges the gap in regional markets by serving locals and travelers with quality barista coffee and a great selection of freshly made hot and cold food. This is a key pillar for the brand and serves as our point of difference.”

Hatty revealed that Bowser Bean has several refurbishments in process, including a major rebuild of its Kilmore location.

“Bowser Bean is always keen to expand, and there can often be opportunities for review. Watch this space; it’s only a matter of time until another Bowser Bean pops up somewhere.”

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