The new (frozen) cowgirl in town

There’s a new (frozen) cowgirl in town, with Streets releasing a new pal for Bubble O’Bill in Bubble O’Jill.

According to Streets, the Bubbleton-born ice cream treat is big sister to Bill and was “always the brains of the operation” and is a hardened Cowgirl with a talent for the lasso who listens to the sound of the bull-whip to fall asleep and can even “bring a horse to water and make it drink”.

And she is now taking pride of place in ‘wanted’ posters in convenience stores across Australia and can be yours for an RRP of $2.50.

Streets and Snacking Brand manager Sam Jarmul said she was an exciting release for the company.

“Speculation about Jill has existed for years, so it’s brilliant to have her finally come to town. And even better, she’s here to stay!”

To find out more about Jill and to hear how Bill feels about his big sister visit,

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