Buderim Ginger Launches Reduced Sugar Ginger Beer

CAN_LINE_UPHealth-conscious ginger enthusiasts rejoice! Aussie favourite Buderim Ginger has just launched a Reduced Sugar Ginger Beer using natural sweetener Stevia.

Served in a chilled slim 250ml can, history’s tastiest sweet and spicy bevvie is now available with 35% less sugar than the average Ginger Beer. It joins the ranks of Buderim Ginger’s other popular Ginger Beer variants including Original Ginger Beer, Ginger Beer and Pear and Ginger Beer and Guarana.

The Reduced Sugar Ginger Beer is made with natural ingredients (that’s no artificial colours or flavours) and the freshest ginger in the land. And it even caters to the gluten intolerant.

However, like all good things from Buderim Ginger, what this new-fangled drink doesn’t lack is flavour. And it’s no surprise – Buderim Ginger has been perfecting its delicious Ginger Beer recipe on the Sunny Coast for over a decade, with the final product being shaped by the pickiest of Australia’s ginger beer connoisseurs.

Best-consumed in any way imaginable, the Reduced Sugar Ginger Beer makes for a perpetually pleasing stand-alone tipple, as well as a delightful addition to a low-calorie cocktail or mixed beverage.REDUCED_SUGAR_COCKTAILProudly made on home-soil, Buderim Ginger’s Reduced Sugar Ginger Beer is the perfect sugar reduced summer drink to entice consumers to your fridge and shelves coming into the warmer months. This product fills a void in the soft drink category which currently has limited flavour options for Naturally Reduced Sugar drinks. The recommended retail is $2.90 per can.

The Buderim Ginger Beer range can be ordered directly through Buderim Ginger on 1800 067 686 or email: buderimg@buderimginger.com

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