Bundaberg Brewed Drinks has a new strategy which builds on consumer demand for non-alcoholic premium beverages. As part of this new initiative, the company will re-package its brewed beverage range into the classic Bundaberg 375 ml ‘stubby bottles’. Along with unique ‘ring pull cap’, the stubby format is an iconic feature of the company’s famous Bundaberg Ginger Beer, according to Chief Executive, John McLean.

Mr McLean said, “During research, consumers consistently underlined their attraction and love of the classic ‘stubby’ bottle and ring cap pull packaging. They love the unique shape and authentic nostalgic feel of the bottle. With comparatively lower awareness of our fruit flavour range, the classic ‘stubby’ bottle will drive strong awareness our entire beverage range”.

bundaberg range

Mr McLean also said the success of new beverages launched last year, further reinforced the iconic bottle as a key drawcard for consumers. “Our new beverages, which included Bundaberg Traditional Lemonade and Bundaberg Apple Cider, were offered in the 375 ml stubby bottle. These new flavours have resulted in significant sales growth, particularly amongst younger consumers aged 18 to 35 years. We believe the stubby bottle and new packaging design has played a significant part in this success.”

The ‘stubby’ format is hoped to further highlight the use of real ingredients and the craft-brewed style of Bundaberg Brewed Drinks’ beverages. A unique stamp printed on the label highlights the number of days the flavour was craft brewed for.

Retailers should welcome the change in packaging. As pointed out by Mr McLean, who said “Our unique ‘display ready’ cartons assist retailers to drive “off location” sales and improve shelf visibility by providing “pallet ready” displays. Artwork on the cartons will be revitalized to increase visual appeal and underline the brewed nature of beverages. New three step “Easy to open” instructions will be displayed on the cartons to assist staff in using the cartons efficiently.”

Bundaberg Brewed Drinks remains family-owned and based in Bundaberg, Queensland. Established in the 1960, the company exports beverages to over 40 countries globally. The company will continue to use time-honoured brewing methods and real ingredients for all beverages and anticipates the new packaging will be fully integrated into the market by the end of September 2015.


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  1. Actually it is the flavour that makes me buy Bumdaberg drinks, I hate the ring pull top, I like being able to reseal my drink so I can drink it at my leisure rater than having to guzzle it then and there.

  2. I used to regularly drink the diet ginger beer from the screw top bottle. As you can’t reseal the ring pull bottle I have given up using bundaberg.
    Sorry, kel

  3. Pls would like to be able to buy the 6 pack variety soft drink pack enjoyed the flavours
    where do can i buy in the ballarat area

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