C-store loyalty programs amongst the best in America

Two regional c-stores – United Dairy Farmers (UDF) and GoMart – ranked in the top 20 of Newsweek’s 2023 list of America’s Best Loyalty Programs.

The stores were ranked as the top two retailers in the ‘Transportation and Travel’ category and placed in the top 16 of the total list, putting them ahead of brands such as Nike, 7-Eleven, Starbucks, and McDonald’s.

The report is based on an independent survey of over 4,000 customers examining essential aspects of loyalty programs such as likeability, perceived value, and customer trust.

Of the 200 retailers on the list, only 17 scored above 9.0, with UDF and GoMart scoring 9.14 and 9.13 respectively.

Denise Jenkins, VP of Marketing, Loyalty, and Insights at Ohio-based UDF, said while their industry isn’t always as flashy as Nike or Starbucks, they understand the importance of listening to their guests and fostering meaningful connections.

“For United Dairy Farmers, the U-Drive Plus rewards program has been an amazing way to engage with our audience, and in doing so, we’ve grown our business along with those important relationships.”

Both companies use the Rovertown app platform, and Jeffry Harrison, President and Co-Founder of Rovertown, said this is a big moment that speaks to the evolution of convenience retailing.

“From exciting offers down to each graphic in an app, a great rewards program shows customers that a brand cares—and convenience retailers are putting in the work to build programs their customers can genuinely enjoy.

“This industry is full of companies with deep roots in their communities, and Rovertown is proud to help them pull ahead with the customizable apps we’re known for.”

Ian Stewart, Marketing Director at West Virginia-based GoMart, said they know what it takes to build loyalty as they’ve been doing it for over 100 years.

“Our commitment to customers gives our loyalty program an edge over the national brands, and by partnering with the right technology solutions, we’ve been able to grow it significantly through the GoMart app. The results speak for themselves.”

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