Cadbury celebrates 100 years of Australian production

This year marks a century since the production of Cadbury chocolate started at its Tasmanian factory in 1922.

To celebrate this impressive milestone, Cadbury have released ten specially-designed, limited-edition Cadbury Dairy Milk packs, with each pack looking at iconic moments that brought Australia together.

Paul Chatfield, Vice-President of Marketing at Cadbury, said they are delighted to celebrate 100 years of making chocolate and to commemorate some of the moments that make our country so great.

“Cadbury has taken pride of place in Aussie homes for the last 100 years, sharing in some of the biggest and most influential moments in our history – including moments of progress, challenge and inspiration.”

Today, Cadbury’s Hobart factory produces 60,000 tonnes of chocolate each year, or more than 200 million Cadbury chocolate blocks, for consumers across Australia and the world.

Over the past century, Cadbury has supported Australian suppliers, farmers, and growers, including sourcing it’s sugarcane from Queensland and its milk from 48 dairy families in Tasmania’s North-West.

A sense of pride and achievement resonates amongst the staff at the Hobart factory, where the average tenure is 21 years.

Jamie Salter, Plant Manufacturing Manager, who has worked at the factory for 34 years said it’s humbling to have worked with Cadbury for so many years and is always proud to say she works for Cadbury, but especially so on this occasion.  

“I’m often asked – do you ever get sick of chocolate? And the honest answer is no. One of the joys of my job is seeing our new flavours or innovations land on shelves and the excitement and satisfaction it sparks with Cadbury fans.”

Chatfield also expressed his appreciation to the Cadbury family and fans in Australia and around the world.

“Hundreds of people have shaped our history and helped to make Cadbury what it is today – including our past and present employees, their families, and of course the millions of Cadbury fans continue to embrace and love our chocolate.

“Here’s to our first century in Australia and no doubt, many more centuries to come.”

Fans are urged to keep an eye out for the special centennial edition pack designs, which are in stores now.

7 thoughts on “Cadbury celebrates 100 years of Australian production”

  1. I love your chocolates, I am 73 years old and love the soft centre chocolates
    I love tropical pineapple , peppermint and strawberry , I was disappointed when you change you Roses to all crunch but the one I loved most was the Sweetheart chocolate
    Thanks for you sweet chocolates

  2. Having a Guinness in Dublin and recalling that my mum use to work in Hobart cadburys in 1960 her name was kitty Baxter she loved
    Went to New Guinea in1961ish

  3. I noticed that Her Majesty had chocolates on her table when she was welcoming her guests. I hope the chocolates were from the Australian “factory.”
    To a more serious issue. For months the advert on TV attempts to mention the phrase used by Prof. Julius Sumner-Miller many years ago when he recited,” a glass and a half in every one.”
    Notice he used the words ‘every one!’ not as is broadcast in the current advert in which the word “everyone” is spoken and written. There is a world of difference between the two words.
    Please, please in copying Sumner-Miller’s ear-catching phrase change the ad. to reflect his meaning.
    Everyone prefers to people. Whereas every one refers to objects – in this case a block of chocolate.

  4. P.S. to my above comment.
    Prof. Julius Sumner-Miller was an excellent teacher of physics to young people – I could say everyone. He posed questions but never gave a direct answer except to prompt us to think of the issues involved.

  5. In the early 1960’s when at boarding school in Somerset, England we went on an excursion to the Cadbury Fry Chocolate Factory near Bristol. We toured all the different departments from pouring chocolate on to the insides and even the boxes with thatched cottages and kittens depicted! We had afternoon tea in the canteen and were give a hinged tin with a picture of the factory on it. They made excellent pencil boxes! We were also some of the first people to see the inside of a Picnic bar before being launched on to the market. Such wonderful memories!

  6. Lindsay Elmore

    Years ago the army ration chocolate came in a green type packaging with a picture on the back. I kept it for years but lost it in floods in 2019. Always loved Cadbury. Happy birthday and PS. Is there a commemorative badge or keyring, something of that nature available. Regards Lindsay

  7. Priscilla Balkham

    This Is Exciting, I Am Glad That We Can All Have Still A Nice And Great, Memories Too!! ?❤️?

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