Cadbury Dairy Milk special-edition

This Winter, Cadbury Dairy Milk is urging Australian families to reconnect and share a fun night in together with the launch of their special-edition milk chocolate block.

Available exclusively at Woolworths stores from 29th May, Cadbury Dairy Milk is creating a fun game for Aussie families to play together. Each square of your favourite Cadbury Dairy Milk milk chocolate will feature a letter of the alphabet, with a number of full words hidden within the blocks for families to find. Once the three hidden words have successfully been located, each family is invited to visit where they can enter the words they have found in order for the chance to win another block of Cadbury Dairy Milk milk chocolate (redeemed through a $5 Woolworths e-gift card).

Cadbury’s special edition chocolate blocks have been released in celebration of Woolworth’s Big Night In, encouraging Aussie families to spend more time together and reconnect inside the family home this Winter.

In 2019, moments of real connection are more important than ever, as quality time spent with loved ones has decreased due to factors such as more time spent on mobile phones and using technology and busy lifestyles. Cadbury Dairy Milk’s special edition milk chocolate blocks, available for a limited time only, offers a solution to this, facilitating real connections between families this Winter and prompting them to take a moment out of their busy schedules and share playful moments together once again.

Running for eight weeks, Cadbury Dairy Milk’s special edition milk chocolate block encourages Aussie families to spend a Big Night In together with their favourite Cadbury Dairy Milk milk chocolate, thanks to Woolworths.

To join in the fun, visit your local Woolworths store to purchase your specially marked Cadbury Dairy Milk block – with three different word search blocks waiting for you, there are plenty of chances to win throughout Winter! Promotion T&Cs apply, see

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