Yamas Ice Tea – Greece’s summer drink of choice – is finally available in Australia

Bringing an exceptional twist to everyone’s favourite summer drink, Yamas is here and ready for you to enjoy. Each Yamas Ice Tea is the unique blend of the very best that nature has to offer: freshly brewed tea leaves, the sweet nectar of fruit juices, and delectable honey. It offers an array of natural goodness in one thirst-quenching hit.

Yamas Ice Tea is available in four delicious flavours: green tea with mango juice and honey, green tea with lemon juice and honey, white tea with pomegranate and honey, and black tea with peach juice and honey. The honey and juices replace all artificial sugars, making for a high-quality, fresh and extraordinary flavour that’s previously been unseen on Australian shelves.

With no artificial preservatives and colours used in its brew, Yamas allows the natural flavours of the tea, fruit and honey to shine through. Each Yamas Ice Tea is offered in a beautiful 335ml glass bottle, and is rich in antioxidants and natural refreshment, thanks to its beautiful ingredients.

Find out more about Yamas Ice Tea today.  Get in touch with Olympian Products & Distribution on 1800 413711 or admin@olympianproducts.com for further details.

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