Cadbury handing out free chocolate

Cadbury chocolates are handing out 10,000 boxes of its famous Roses chocolates for free via social media.

Cadbury’s “Say Thank You” campaign is asking social media users to post their photos on Instagram with the hashtag #saythankyouwithcadburyroses.

The Cadbury team have said that they will choose 1250 winners per week, across four weeks, with each winner receiving two boxes.

Early this year, Cadbury re-launched the Roses to reflect the changing tastes of consumers.

Brand new additions to the range include: White Raspberry, the first ever white chocolate variety in the Cadbury Roses range, boasting creamy Cadbury white chocolate blended with delicate freeze-dried raspberries, and; Vanilla Nougat, a fluffy textured nougat with crispy pieces dipped in Cadbury milk chocolate.

The giveaway will continue until Sunday November 25.

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