Cadbury releases block NPD for World Chocolate Day

Cadbury’s new Oreo Double Choc variant: Available to C-store retailers now.

World Chocolate Day falls on July 7 this week, and Cadbury has chosen to celebrate by releasing six new special edition blocks.

Marketed under the campaign Be Flavour Braver, the NPD encourages consumers to try the new Cadbury chocolate blocks, which contain four different variations of the flavour variant across each row of chocolate squares.

Cadbury said consumers should “be brave and embark on a new flavour journey” with the new variants.

“The launch of six new and delicious flavours to indulge in include; Cadbury Dairy Milk Mega Crunchie, Cadbury Dairy Milk Oreo Double Choc , Mad 4 Mint, Craving 4 Coffee, Crazy 4 Caramel and Bonkers 4 Berry,” the company said.

“If you love flavour combinations and are feeling curious then Cadbury’s new special edition flavours are for you.”

The six blocks in the new range are available now.

The ‘Craving 4 Coffee’ block offers four different coffee flavours throughout the block including flat white, mocha, caramel latte and ice coffee. ‘Crazy 4 Caramel’, ‘Mad 4 Mint’ and ‘Bonkers 4 Berry’ all offer the same filling variations across the central flavour theme within the block.

The new release also features a special edition of the much-loved Crunchie block, the Mega Crunchie, which boasts double the filling of the original Crunchie block.

There is also a new addition to the Cadbury Oreo range, the Oreo Double Choc, which also has double the filling of the original Oreo chocolate block.

UPDATE: Cadbury wishes to inform readers of C&I Week that the Be Flavour Braver range is only available available to the following retailers:

  • OREO Double Choc – Full market launch, including C-stores.
  • Mega Crunchie – Exclusive to Woolworths.
  • 4 Flavour blocks – Exclusive to Coles.


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