Cadbury unveils brand new range

Cadbury has revealed Cadbury More, a new range featuring three new flavours, sure to delight chocoholics across the country.

The range, which is on shelves now, includes a mixed roast nut flavour, a nuts and salted toffee flavour, and an Old Gold and Fruit ‘n Nut combo block.

Paul Chatfield, Vice President of Marketing at Cadbury, said they are excited to introduce Cadbury More, some of the chunkiest and most generous blocks every produced.

“Our Cadbury More range is a fresh take on some familiar favourites that have been loved by Cadbury fans for generations. We can’t wait to see what our chocoholics think, particularly those who love the crunch and variety of nuts, fruit, and Cadbury chocolate!”

The blocks might appear a little different, but each one contains double-sized chunks, cramming in more extras and more chocolate, making for an indulgent twist on some much-loved classics.

Having recently celebrated a century of being chocolate-making in Australia, the new range is an ode to some of the most popular and enduring flavours it has produced.

All three 165g blocks are available in supermarkets with a RRP of $5.

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