Cadbury unveils new Cadbury Roses box

Cadbury has launched a new soft-centred only Cadbury Roses box featuring the return of some familiar favourites.

The new mix in the Cadbury Roses box was based on fan feedback and will feature the return of Strawberry Crème, Orange Crème, and Peppermint Crème, delivered in an updated packaging design.

Kathy De Lullo, Senior Marketing Manager – Gifting and Seasonal at Cadbury, said Through this new mix, it is so special to be able to honour the iconic soft centres and flavours like Strawberry Crème and Peppermint Crème loved by so many Roses fans, as well as to create and deliver a new flavour experience through soft-centred Passionfruit Delight.

“We’re so excited to be able to launch this new Cadbury Roses box – we know that the timelessness of the classic Cadbury Roses is something that is revered by all, and that everyone has a nostalgic story to tell when it comes to gifting these treats to family and friends.”

The new packaging design celebrates the iconic Cadbury Roses red rose, and in celebration of Cadbury Roses’ 75-year history, a special edition Heritage Pack will be available exclusively at Woolworths for a limited time.

The new mix of Cadbury Roses will be available from all leading retailers from mid-July for RRP $18.

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1 thought on “Cadbury unveils new Cadbury Roses box”

  1. My all-time favourite was from the 1970’s. It was oval.. the only one wrapped in rose covered
    foil. ‘Rose Cream’ ??
    I do so miss it.

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