Calls to support service stations devastated by floods

The unprecedented flooding experienced over the last two weeks in Northern NSW and Queensland has left businesses, including service stations, struggling to pick up the pieces.

Dan Armes, Founder, ServoPro, has told C&I that the situation in Lismore and its surrounding areas is “total devastation”. He says that most service stations have been so badly damaged that it will take weeks and months to reopen, and that some may not be able to reopen at all.

“This is the worst flood the Lismore region has ever experienced with thousands of families and business owners losing everything. Flood insurance is not available or far too expensive for business owners to afford, so many are struggling to cope with the financial stress, ” he says.

“North Coast Petroleum has managed to reopen one of its sites in the centre of Lismore, which has been a massive help to the community as fuel is needed for the clean-up. Shahz Rana has had both of his bp service stations in Lismore very badly affected with water almost reaching the top of the price boards.”

Armes says that at this stage, there are plenty of volunteers on the ground helping with the clean-up and there has been a huge amount of cleaning equipment, food, fuel, and water sent to the area.

“The clean-up continues, removing wet and muddy items from homes and businesses to avoid further damage from moisture and mould to the buildings. The sight and smell of waste driving through the residential and CBD areas is overwhelming.”

But, he says that if these businesses are to recover, they are in urgent need of financial assistance to help with rebuilding and to ease the financial burden of not being able to operate. As such, ServoPro is calling for donations to assist those service station owners who have been worst affected by the floods.

“Financial assistance is the best way to help,” says Armes. “Individuals and companies can contact me directly if they would like to aid independent service stations in the Lismore area.

“If people making donations could notify me that funds have been transferred, we can let them know to who the funds have been distributed.”

For more information on how you can aid service station owners in the Lismore area, contact Dan Armes on 0490 415 063 or email

Otherwise send donations straight to:

ServoPro Flood Donations

BSB: 082707

Account number: 731163401

A look at the devastating damage:

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