Calm & Stormy

Calm & Stormy hits on health and sustainability trends

Calm & Stormy is a premium range of 100 per cent Australian made and owned still, sparkling, and fruit juice infused mineral waters.

From stormy clouds to the depths of an ancient dormant volcano, Calm & Stormy is purified by nature, infused with minerals, and invigorated with bubbles – a tribute to Victoria’s Central Highlands. The water filters through the volcanic rock picking up trace minerals and leaving a subtle and unique taste profile.

The Calm & Stormy flavoured range contains no added sugar, sweeteners, additives, or nasties of any kind. It is flavoured with nothing but real fruit that is sourced locally; Blood Orange from Griffith, Tasmanian Raspberry from the Derwent Valley, Pink Lady Apple from Officer, Lemon Lime from Mangrove Mountain.

To produce the flavoured range, Calm & Stormy sparkling mineral water is mixed with 10 to 20 per cent fruit juice, creating a product that is naturally low in sugar and with a refreshing real fruit taste.

Murray Raeburn of Quest Beverages says: “You can’t beat the taste of real fruit squeezed into your sparkling water. We captured it in a can, so you can always enjoy the refreshing real fruit juice taste on the go.”

Sustainability is at the core of the philosophy at Quest Beverages – producers of Calm & Stormy – which is why the products are all packaged in 100 per cent recyclable cans.

“After becoming more aware of the negative impacts of sugar and plastic, we saw opportunity to provide consumers with a truly healthy alternative to soft drinks, that is better for you and better for the planet,” says Raeburn.

“That’s why we chose aluminium cans as our primary packaging material. Aluminium is the most sustainable beverage packaging format because it can be recycled indefinitely into new cans. It has the highest recycled content and does not degrade in the recycling process, as plastic does.

“We believe that the environmental issue of single use plastic is only going to get bigger and that now is the perfect time for progressive organisations to make the switch out of plastic. We would love to see Australia to be the first country to stop selling plastic water bottles and become the #postplasticgeneration.”

Calm & Stormy is available for sale as single serve cans in 300ml or 500ml for the still mineral water and sparkling mineral water. And the fruit juice infused sparkling water is available in 300ml cans.

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