Caltex Spark innovation

Caltex Australia has launched Caltex Spark, an innovation initiative that will see the company working closely with start-ups and entrepreneurs.

Powered by Slingshot a corporate accelerator, Caltex Australia has signed up for the 12 week program in a bid to look for ways to improve on its convenience, mobility, retail offers and efficiency.

Caltex Executive GM of Convenience Retail Richard Pearson said: “At Caltex our purpose is to make life easier for our millions of customers.

“With Spark we’re looking for ideas that do just that – disrupt and challenge our existing model to take us in new directions and drive accelerated future growth,” Mr Pearson said.

“The convenience and fuel market is highly competitive and in today’s digitally connected and on-demand economy, we must work harder than ever to win customers.”

With over 1,900 retail and convenience stores, and over three million customers per week, Caltex will have the opportunity to work closely with retailers and infrastructure businesses with the company.

Caltex Executive GM of Fuels and Infrastructure Louise Warner said: “Caltex plays a unique role in providing transport fuels and other everyday needs for our broad range of customers across Australia and New Zealand.”

“Historically, we have adapted to consumer needs from the development of cleaner more efficient fuel options, unmanned fuel stops in remote locations through to newer initiatives like The Foodary and Fuel Pay”, Ms Warner said.

“Caltex also plays a key role in servicing small and large businesses across Australia be it in mining, marine, transport or aviation. We do this so effectively through our expertise in managing integrated and complex supply chains, particularly in remote locations.

“We are interested in businesses that help us find new ways and connect with our consumer and business customers.  We are looking at things like new modes of transport, food on the go and how we can create a frictionless customer experience.”

Caltex and the Spark program are looking to invest in both start-ups and scaleups that can assist in building solutions and bringing to life innovative ideas.





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