Instant noodles, a health concern

Eating instant noodles frequently is a genuine health concern.

A study has been published in the Journal of Nutrition finding that women who ate instant noodles at least twice a week are 68% more likely to be obese and develop metabolic syndrome.

The study was conducted by researchers in Korea of 10,000 adult men and women and their diets.

By dividing the participants into two groups, the researchers used the information to try and establish if a fast food diet put people at a higher risk of metabolic syndrome than those do not have a fast food diet.

According to the National Institute of Health, metabolic syndrome is a group of factors that raise the risk of heart disease and other problems such as diabetes and stroke.

The results obtained from the study showed that while the instant noodles had an effect on 68% of women, the same statistics were not found to be true for men.

With some instant noodle packet having more than half the daily requirement of sodium in just one serve, now is a good time to join the consumer health food movement, and the health trend boom in Japan.

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