CAPI to transition to 100% recyclable paper labels

Beverage brand CAPI has announced it will be transitioning from plastic bottle labels to paper ones, making 100 per cent of the product recyclable.

Thurman Wise, Director of Brand and Innovation at CAPI, said they are excited to introduce the new paper labels to the market.

“As we are always looking for ways to improve the sustainability of our products, we have transitioned to new label material which reduces waste in the recycling process and in turn our impact on the environment around us.”

Alongside the announcement of the label change, CAPI also revealed a packaging refresh and new website.

CAPI stated that the packaging refresh will improve on-shelf visibility at retail stores and enhance the premium quality of their packaging.

“The new label design will mean CAPI bottles are more easily identifiable and aesthetically pleasing on the shelf. This change is not only beneficial for the brand but also for consumers, making it simpler to find CAPI’s drinks and enhancing the overall shopping experience,” said CAPI in a statement.

By choosing premium paper stock with a foil design and high-quality adhesive, CAPI said that the labels will have strong resistance to moisture and impressive print integrity and colour reproduction.

The refresh is set to go live in mid-November 2023.

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