More EV chargers in regional NSW following $6 million investment

A $6 million program to deliver 25 more EV fast chargers in regional NSW is almost complete, bringing the NRMA’s number of chargers in the state to over 100.

The program was funded with a $3 million contribution from both the NSW Government and the NRMA and involved the installation of dual chargers ranging from 50kW to 150kW in key regional NSW locations.

Jenny Aitchison, Minister for Regional Transport and Roads, said the charger locations have been chosen strategically to connect major centres within the state and also to link up with major routes in Queensland, Victoria, and South Australia.

“This is a significant improvement for regional transport and in key regional hubs, like Wollongong where there is now a 150kW charger, which have an even greater and faster charging capacity to get people moving more quickly.

“In the last year, EV registrations have risen more than 140 per cent on average across NSW and with new charging infrastructure we are making it easier for drivers to travel longer, cleaner journeys.”

Most of the locations of the chargers will be within no more than 150 kilometres from another in the NRMA fast charger network. The range provided depends on the charger and the electric vehicle but for example a 75kW charger can charge an EV battery to provide up to 90km of range in 15 minutes, 180km of range in 30 minutes or 360km of range in 1 hour.

Carly Irving-Dolan, Chief Executive – Energy at the NRMA, said with its expanding network of EV chargers, they are empowering people to move whenever, wherever they want to safely and confidently in an EV.

“As EV uptake continues to increase year on year, drivers expect to be able to navigate through NSW and find a charger with ease. The rollout of this program sees vital connections established across regional NSW.”

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