Carey Hart’s petrol station run-in

The husband of famous singer PINK, and motorcross star Carey Heart was recently caught up in a confrontation with a petrol station in Brisbane.

Mr Hart posted a video to his Instagram page in which he wrote a caption explaining what happened when he was approached by an employee from the petrol station.

“I just got into an argument with a woman at a gas station in Brisbane,” Mr Hart wrote on the post.

“She told me that I was putting everyone’s life in danger my(sic) using my phone at the gas pump.

“That if I had the light turned on, accidentally dropped it, the phone would light the fumes, the station would blow up and kill all of us.

“What the hell is wrong with people? You got some serious scare tactics over here lol.” reported that Royal Automobile Club of Queensland (RACQ) recommended drivers keep their phones out of reach at petrol stations.

RACQ’s head of technical and safety Steve Spalding said: “Our advice for all motorists is don’t use a mobile phone at a service station as it is a distraction when you’re pumping a highly volatile product”.

“Putting your phone away removes any risk of potential ignition,” Mr Spalding said.

Mr Hart recieved a mixed response from the post, with some people suggesting the staff member was right with her warning while others made light of the potential threat, comparing it to an urban myth.

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