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GM Global Solutions was proud to attend last C&I EXPO in Melbourne. Throughout the exhibition, we showed some of our automated tobacco sales solutions (vending and dispensing) and also had the opportunity to see what is happening in the retail industry “down under”.  As a European company, which has been manufacturing and supplying automated tobacco systems since 1996 and in over 20 different countries, we never give up the opportunity to display and more importantly, create a network with companies which are dedicated to the retail sector, from supermarkets, forecourts, convenience stores and vending operators.

At GM Global Solutions we have dispensing and vending units to suit all types of store from the largest supermarkets to the smallest corner store!

Save time, space and money

Our company has been dedicated to improving the POS process and, along side its clients, has tackled some of the major issues in vending like:


– Shrinkage, Robbery, Breaking and entering


– Virtual management systems (stock takes and out of stock warnings), Space optimization, Labelling and positioning


– We are working with leading EPOS providers so that our dispensers can be integrated into any till management software.

GM Global Solutions works hand in hand with its clients to tackle these issues and ensure that security and profitability are at its maximum.

International view, local support 

Australia is a relatively new market for us, however, we have a good step in the door as we are working with the main tobacco vending operators and we can provide local, commercial and technical, support for your business. Our range of tobacco dispensers suits the particular needs of the Australian market and as we manufacture all of our products, we can cater for your specific needs.

Throughout the C&I EXPO we were privileged to meet many Australian companies and were able to exchange experiences and knowledge with them, we were able to view where the Australian market is heading and this for us, is what makes these Expos so valuable.

As a manufacturer of dispensing solutions, GMGS has vast experience and knowledge which can help you take control of your tobacco category. In this industry, it`s all about : increasing security, efficiency and maximizing your companies profits, If you would like more information on what you have seen in the EXPO or about any other of products, please do not hesitate contacting us for further information. www.gmglobalsolutions.com pedro.sadaba@gmglobalsolutions.com

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