Carman’s new Bliss Balls set to roll onto the market

Carman’s Orange, Cacao and Poppy Seed Bliss Balls have just rolled onto the scene. Image: Carman’s Kitchen

Superfoods are all the rage at the moment, consumers can’t seem to get enough of the wholesome and nutrition packed ingredients readily available on shelves.

Apparently there hasn’t been a spherical way to consume such superfoods in one go, until now- roll out the Carman Bliss Balls.

The Carman Bliss Balls are described as delicious superfood bites of bliss, jam-packed with wholesome ingredients.

Each pack contains eight Bliss Balls and provides a natural source of energy for a boost at any time of the day.

Kept fresh in a convenient re-sealable zip-lock pouch, the Bliss Balls are perfect for handbags, desk draws or even a go-to post gym snack.

As consumers face a constant dilemma in the search for nutritious snacking options, many products claim a clean bill of health but are actually full of artificial ingredients and high in refined sugars.

Carman’s has listened to these consumer grievances and created the delicious new range of Bliss Balls which offer the goodness of superfood ingredients without the refined sugars.

There are three Carman’s Bliss Ball variants to choose from- Almond, Super Seed and Vanilla, a combination of roasted almonds, vanilla bean and crunchy seeds, Apple, Cashew and Coconut, sliced apple mixed with roasted cashews and shreds of coconut and Orange, Cacao and Poppy Seed, zesty orange and organic cacao-coated in poppy seeds.

Thanks to their gluten-free recipe, Carman’s Bliss Balls help to satisfy the current demand for people with coeliac disease and also for those with whom digestion is an issue and those that feel better from eating gluten- free.

Each serve of the naturally sweetened, vegan-friendly Bliss Ball is under 100 calories or less.

This was a long-time passion project for Carman’s founder Carolyn Creswell, who said she was excited for people to discover the Bliss Balls.

“I think they will be an enormous success based on the consumer demand for healthy snacks that use natural ingredients and no refined sugar. They’re just as good as the ones you make in your kitchen at home- if not better,” she said.

They are certainly a lot simpler than having to buy the individual ingredients and make them yourself, and that’s before trying to work out the nutritional content in each serve.


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