Safa’s Choice: The legendary and the delicious


Tim Tam and Gelato Messina, snack and dessert titans in Australia, have united to create their own demi-titan love child: the Tim Tam Messina biscuit.

These chocolate-covered wonders will bewitch you with their delicious, hypnotic and near-intoxicating flavours that will send you spinning off into the realm of the mystical, possibly even push you into ecstatic frenzy!

Tim Tam approached Australia’s latest masters of gelato to help them co-develop some new flavours. Set up in the Arnott’s test kitchen for what seemed like an eternity, Messina finally produced these gastronomically gustatory flavours: Black Forest, Coconut and Lychee, Choc Mint and Caramel and Vanilla.

In that secretive kitchen, in a universe that only the true masters may enter, they gave birth to these four little love children…

The hours, the days and the months, nay even the years and the millennia it took to bring together all the right people with all the right experiences, everything in the history of this reality coming together in perfect synchronicity to develop such wonderful flavours, has finally paid off.

Almost needless to say, I am proud to name them Safa’s Choice in this issue of C&I. Although I liked them all, the two that stood out for me were the Black Forest, and the Coconut and Lychee.

The new Tim Tams, inspired by Gelato Messina, are available now. If they are not on your shelves then you are doing your customers a grave disservice. RRP $3.65, but what cost can you put on peace, happiness and understanding, in biscuit form?

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