Cheeky ‘Sportsbet’ market on plastic

Following the Woolworths plastic bag ban set to begin on the 20th of June 2018, online bookmaker has opened the market on the next plastic item to be banned from shelves.

Straws have been the latest plastic item demonised in environmental debates so are leading the charge at $2.50.


Balloons are the second favourite to be the next to cop a ban at $3.00, followed by plastic water bottles ($3.50) and takeaway coffee cups ($4.00).

Luckily for Aussie beachgoers, thongs are rated an outside chance at $51.’s Ella Zampatti said: “Birthday parties will never be the same if balloons are the next plastic item to be banned, so we’re crossing our fingers another plastic item gets the focus of environmental groups”.


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Next Plastic Item to Be Banned

$2.50   Straws
$3.00   Balloons
$3.50   Plastic Water Bottles
$4.00   Takeaway Coffee Cups
$8.00   Plastic Food Containers
$10      Cigarette Butts
$10      UHT Carton
$12      Sweet Wrappers
$18      Ziploc Bags
$21      Plastic Cups
$34      Plastic Cutlery
$51      Thongs
$51      Plastic Plates
$64      Milk Bottles
$81      Bubble Wrap
$81      Gladwrap
$101    Cotton Buds
$151    Polyester Clothing
$251    Keepcups
$376    Credit Cards
$501    Condoms
$1001  Tampons


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