SKYN on a mission to save intimacy

Skyn®, Australia’s best-selling condom*, announces its new global marketing campaign set to ‘Save Intimacy’.

Premium condom and lubricants brand Skyn®’s Save Intimacy campaign is about celebrating technology that brings people together.

The campaign rolls out with a brand film that transports audiences to an imagined, yet not so distant future – a future in which a universal dependence on smartphones, tabs, VR and technological innovations threatens fundamental human connection.

With love-making rates already going down, the brand of intimacy, Skyn® has something to say about that. Save Intimacy is also a creative way to introduce Skynfeel™ technology, Skyn®’s innovative ultra-soft and thin, non-latex material for condoms.

A technological revolution welcome in the bedroom – one designed to make couples feel everything and get closer to their partner. Marta Toth, Head of Strategic Planning – Global Marketing, explains why this one technological revolution is welcome in the bedroom, stating, “Our aim was to strengthen SKYN®’s brand territory by putting sexuality at the heart of both the social and sensual discussion. We needed to shift away from a functional speech to speak to a target that didn’t want to choose between safe sex and great sex.”

The Save Intimacy campaign follows SKYN®’s highly successful Places of Intimacy campaign, a nine-month, multimillion-dollar global PR and marketing campaign celebrating all things intimacy.


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