C&I Choice- Lindt Fruit Sensation

The Lindt Fruit Sensation chocolate bites are addictive! You take a handful, put them away and then get them out again to have another handful- they’re too good stop eating.

Each Lindt Fruit Sensation bite is a unique combination of fine dark chocolate wrapped around a soft, fruit flavoured centre. If you think you don’t like dark chocolate, you will change your mind when you eat these.

These chocolate bites are different from what Lindt fans are accustomed to of Lindt chocolate balls. The chocolate bites have chew and a sugary, berry sweetness as opposed to the dark shell and milky centre of traditional Lindt chocolate balls.

The innovative chocolate bites are sealed in pouches for freshness and cater to a previously unmet demand for a premium chocolate snack for adults.

Consumers love the new products with research reflecting that 91% love the taste, and 82% saying they would buy it again. Since the range launch in early 2018, the products have performed within the top 20 SKUs in category* and are proving to be must-have inclusions on any confectionery shelf.

Available in three flavours- Blueberry and Acai, Orange and Pink Grapefruit and Raspberry and Cranberry, the latter of which, are the cream of the crop or in this case, the best pick of the bunch!

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