Coca-Cola announces foray into adult sparkling beverages

Today Coca-Cola South Pacific has announced an expansion of its Cascade range as it seeks to capitalise on the growing opportunity offered by non-alcoholic, sophisticated adult sparkling beverages.


The introduction of four new ‘full grown’ flavours – Raspberry, Mint & Ginger, Spiced Pear & Bitters, Spicy Ginger Beer plus the reformulation of the company’s Ginger Beer and Tonic Water – form part of Coca-Cola’s strategy to drive consumer engagement with sparkling beverages.

In the past 12 months, adult sparkling tastes have grown, with research showing that seven in 10 households* have now purchased these types of drinks.

The major brand refresh introduces a new sophisticated adult sparkling range aimed at delivering quality, non-alcoholic options to the emerging adult sparkling beverage category.

The ‘new’ Cascade launch is backed by a million dollar integrated marketing campaign, positioned it as the premium adult sparkling brand. Primarily targeting consumers 30 years and over, the new flavours reflect a distinctively sharper taste to suit adults.

The launch will see celebrity chef Luke Mangan, supported by Fairfax’s Good Food, partner to build awareness of the new range and drive trial among Australian consumers.

The message will be further spread through a focused digital campaign.

According to brand manager Bridget Slipper: “Cascade’s new range delivers refreshing flavours that are designed for adult taste buds. The launch was timed to coincide with the entertaining season and to bring adults a wider range of refined, sophisticated flavours to enjoy either straight or as an addition to their favourite spirits.”

Refreshed packaging will complement the new flavours and reflect a sophisticated adult positioning. The new Cascade is available in a range of sizes including 330ml glass, 4x300ml glass and 4x200ml can multipacks.

The news of this latest release comes on the heels of the release of Coca-Cola South Pacific’s latest limited release variant, Coca-Cola Ginger, as the company continues to innovate in market and deliver Coke ‘specialness’ to the Australian public.

Source: Nielsen Homescan MAT 5/9/16.

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