Marinated feta recalled over E.Coli

Consumers have been warned of possible E.Coli contamination of Gallo Farms marinated feta.

The ACCC has announced a recall of marinated feta products produced by Gallo Farms, warning of microbial (E.Coli) contamination.

Consumers are warned not to eat the Gallo Farms Marinated Feta Gourmet Dairy Produce, and should instead return the product to place of purchase for a full refund.

The recall affects plastic, tamper-evident 250g tubs sold in Queensland between 6 October 2016 and 2 November 2016.

Distribution included the Atherton Supa IGA, Piccones Supa IGA Cairns and Jonssons Farmers Market in QLD.

Food contaminated with E.Coli, if consumed, can cause food poisoning and related symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhea that turns bloody, and even death in some cases. The incubation period after consumption can be anywhere between 1-10 days, but is commonly around four days.

For further information contact Gallo Farms Pty Ltd on 07 4095 2388 or visit

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