Coca-Cola celebrates 50 years at its Northmead factory

Coca-Cola is celebrating 50 years since its first product, a can of Tab, rolled off the production line of its Northmead factory in NSW.

While Tab may no longer be around, since being replaced by Diet Coke and Coca-Cola No Sugar, the Northmead factory lives on.

Orlando Rodriguez, Vice President of Supply Chain – Australia at Coca-Cola Europacific Partners (CCEP), said their commitment to great people, great service, and great beverages has been unwavering.

“At Northmead, in the heart of Sydney’s west, we now make 250 different products from 20 different brands and boast a headcount that exceeds 380 dedicated employees with a remarkable average tenure of 17 years.”

Since opening in 1972, technology has allowed the factory to make beverages quicker, and now incorporates sustainable approaches across all aspects of its operations, from its approach to water stewardship through to its use of recycled content in its packaging.

Charles Nassif, a production manager at the factory who has worked there for 17 years and said he would like to work there for another 50 years, discussed what he would like to see in the future at the Northmead factory.

“I’d like to see another couple production lines installed here. Either a hot fuel line or an aseptic line would be great to increase things. And a new can line because the volumes for cans is just going through the roof at the moment so having any capacity to make more cans would be amazing.”

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