Coca Cola Life confirmed

Setting the record straight in an unusual move, Coca-Cola South Pacific last Thursday confirmed the anticipated April 2015 launch of Coca-Cola Life into the Australian and New Zealand markets, ending a spate of speculation in consumer and trade press.

With different formulations available in overseas markets, Coca-Cola Life had been variously reported as having between 60 to 35% less sugar than a regular Coca-Cola.

The company has now confirmed that, after consumer testing, the 35% less sugar and 35% kilojoule reduced formulation of Coca-Cola Life will be released to the local market.

While it is unusual to confirm an intended product release so far in advance of the launch date and at a time when marketing strategies are still being formulated and packaging finalised, it appears that getting the correct information into the market and ending speculation about product composition has been a positive move.

Coca-Cola confirmed that there is a lot of customer excitement and enthusiasm around the product and it is expecting Coca-Cola Life to reinvigorate the category.

Trisha Harris

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