Coca Cola Life in “world’s smallest and prettiest” launch

Ahead of a Norway-wide February launch of Coca-Cola Life, the tiny Norwegian fishing village of Reine was treated to the launch of Coca-Cola Life, described by Anne Marit Ihlen, marketing manager, Coca-Cola Norway as the “smallest, prettiest and probably windiest launch in Norwegian history”.

The entire village was invited to a special tasting party at Reine’s only grocery store in late January. The 307 village residents became the first in their country to taste the newest addition to the Coca-Cola family, Coca-Cola Life, which is sweetened with a blend of sugar and stevia extract, contains one-third less sugar and a one-third fewer calories than regular Coke.

“It has been nine years since we last launched a new Coca-Cola product on the Norwegian market, Coca-Cola Zero,” said Ms Marit Ihlen. “There has been lots of speculation about when Coca-Cola Life would be added to the Coca-Cola family in Norway, so we are glad to finally be able to release it.”

Images of the “world’s smallest and prettiest” launch can be viewed at

Norwegian convenience chain, Narvesen, with over 365 stores and 200,000 visitors each day (which is equivalent to every Norwegian visiting Narvesen 16 times each year) have shown their support for Coca-Cola Life, dressing their stores for the occasion. See the video posted on 6 February at for a look inside the Narvesen launch of Coca-Cola Life.

Coca-Cola life is now available in Argentina, Chile, Great Britain, Sweden, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Mexico, Ireland and the United States.

The Australian launch of Coca-Cola Life is expected this April however an official launch date is yet to be confirmed.

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