Iconic Australian juice brand Nudie sold for $80 million

Nudie’s chief executive James Ajaka last week confirmed the company’s sale to Philippines-based food company Monde Nissin Corporationfor around $80 million.

“Monde Nissin are a group of people that share very similar values to us and have the resources required to take our much loved Nudie to the next level both in Australia and also various markets across the Asia Pacific,” Mr Ajaka said.

Founded by Tim Pethick, the Australian juice brand Nudie has become a major player in its category in just 12 years with its innovative approach to marketing that pitched the little brand against the major juice brands in the café, convenience and grocery markets, with Nudie grabbing a 20%-plus share of the Australian juice market.

Mr Ajaka, who has been with Nudie since its beginning, confirmed that the Nudie team will remain in place and that it remains committed to all its staff, consumers, customers and suppliers including the Australian farmers who provide over 93% of the fruit.

Nudie recently launched its Nudie & Soda product into Coles supermarkets with a major marketing campaign.

With the acquisition of Nudie, Monde Nissin have increased their interests in the Australian food and beverage market, having acquired Australian dips brand Black Swan in July 2014 and are believed to be close to acquiring Melbourne-based Australian food maker and wholesaler Menora Foods (which markets its own brands as well as Wattle Valley, Peckish, Bonne Maman, Maille, Chobani, Chia Pods, Cobram Estate, Huon, Kez’s Kitchen, and Snowy Mountain Natural Spring Water) for around $55 million.

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  1. Nudie juices are the best in the juice market. I always bought fresh oranges then squeezed them for juice but now buy nudie juice as it’s the same as squeezing your own, great juice guys?

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