Kogan Pantry launch statistics revealed

Early sales indicate that Kogan’s new offering, Kogan Pantry, will be a runaway success. David Shafer, Executive Director of Kogan revealed to C&I WEEK that, “Within 12 hours of the launch of Kogan Pantry, over 30,000 items were sold. If early demand is anything to go by, it will be a runaway hit”.

While Kogan Pantry launched with 600 different products, Mr Shafer sees this rising to around 1,500, but not much higher, “We’re not trying to be the supermarkets. We want to stay lean and efficient and it’s hard to do that when you’ve got 5000 SKUs [stock-keeping units]. We’re a value-led proposition, so wherever there is a tension between price and convenience, we’ll err on the side of the best price for customers.”

Kogan Pantry products are sourced from both global and local suppliers which is how Kogan.com is able to keep the prices so low. While initial dispatch times were advertised as being one to two weeks, C&I WEEK staff ordering from Kogan Pantry received delivery well within the advertised period with regular communication as to the status of the order.

Mr Shafer says Kogan Pantry “prefer to under promise and over deliver. As the business expands, we expect to have dispatch times down to our usual 1-2 days.”

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