Coca-Cola steps into dairy market with Fairlife

in the US are now stocking Fairlife; a “premiumised” milk with double the protein of regular milk, and is available in whole milk, reduced fat, fat-free and chocolate varieties.
Fairlife is being promoted as a lifestyle product rather than just a milk drink.
The launch comes at a time when the Australian diary industry is pushing for health claims labelling on milk drinks, and articles such as “Why chocolate milk is great after a workout” are appearing (The Washington Post, 10 February 2015).
Fairlife is Coca-Cola’s latest investment in healthier drinks as consumers cut down on carbonates, which constitute over half of Coca-Cola’s sales. Euromonitor International reports that in the categories in which Coca-Cola has a presence in North America, two thirds of Coca-Cola’s sales come from carbonates and juices – both of which have been underperforming as consumers cut down on sugary drinks.
Sales of high protein, lactose-free, and low-calorie products have been booming in North America. Non-dairy milk alternatives, yoghurt and fortified flavoured milk have all shown strong growth rates, yet Coca-Cola’s presence in these categories has previously been negligible.
According to Euromonitor, Fairlife is the epitome of on-trend: twice the protein and calcium compared to whole milk, half the sugar, lactose-free, sustainably produced and even the bottles are recyclable. If any company stands a chance at turning ordinary drinking milk into a cool new healthy dairy beverage for the masses, it is likely to be Coca-Cola.
Coca-Cola South Pacific have confirmed that there are currently no plans to launch Fairlife in Australia.

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