Coca-Cola release new flavour

The new limited-edition Raspberry Coca-Cola twist.

Coca-Cola Australia has announced the launch of a new flavour, Coca-Cola Raspberry released just before summer.

The new flavour is a limited-edition Australia first with a twist on the classic Cola taste.

Coca-Cola Raspberry has 25% less sugar, which keeps with the company’s commitment to reduce sugar across its product range.

Coca-Cola Australia spokeswoman Lisa Winn said the new release will be a great addition to any summer party or BBQ.

“Coke Raspberry offers fans the quintessential summer flavour with a delicious splash of raspberry for something new,” she said.

“The taste really speaks to the classic Australian summer – fun, carefree, and refreshing.  And with 25% less sugar, it makes for the perfect icy cold summer treat for those watching their sugar intake.

This new flavor follows its recent success The new flavour follows its success launch in New Zealand as well as the standout success of Coke’s recent limited edition flavours in Australia, including Coca-Cola Plus Coffee No Sugar and last year’s Coca-Cola Ginger.

“We’ve seen how much Australians have been enjoying our other limited edition flavours, like Coke Plus Coffee and Coke Plus Ginger.  Introducing a twist of raspberry seemed like the perfect fit for the Australian summer,” Ms Winn said.

“Australians can expect more exclusive and limited edition flavours in the coming year as we work to create new, delicious combinations to match the diverse tastes of our customers.”

The new flavour will roll out across groceries stores from November 29th and all other retailers in January.



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  1. I Love the Rasberry Coca Cola. If you want a

    CocaCola which is Normal tasting then try Low GI Sugar Crystals. It’s made from Sugar Cane but without the calories.

    You could also try Splender instead of Stevia as Splender while an artificial sweetener suitable for Diabetes it’s actually made from Friuitos that comes from fruit.

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