USA 7-Eleven launches own cosmetic brand

Image: and 7-Eleven.

7-Eleven in America has launched a cosmetic brand called Simply Me Beauty, developed with millennial customers in mind and an emphasis on convenience.

7-Eleven senior vice president of merchandising Jack Stout said: “Convenience isn’t always just about a quick stop for something to eat and drink.”

“7-Eleven tries to offer our customers solutions for lots of different needs,” he said.

“We believe that for many this top quality line of cosmetics and cosmetic accessories can become regular purchases in addition to fill-in stops.”

7-Eleven product development category manager Lindsay Robertson said: “The beauty industry has seen dramatic growth of cost-conscious cosmetics in the marketplace because millennial women are looking for a variety of colours at affordable prices.”

“They like to buy and try, and our goal when developing the Simply Me Beauty line was to create a line of makeup that had a quality look and feel without a high price barrier,” she said.

The merchandise will be marketed in a freestanding display labelled ‘Gorgeous on the Go’.

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