Push to increase legal smoking age

There have been calls to raise the legal the legal smoking age to 21.

An Australian intuitive has found that over 75% of Queenslanders would support a push to increase the legal cigarette purchase/smoking age to 21, from age 18.

The Eliminate Cancer Initiative is headed up by Andrew Forrest and Jonathan Thurston, and aims to reduce tobacco and cancer-related deaths.

Mr Forrest told the Courier Mail: “Right now, half a million Queenslanders smoke every day.”

“Half of them will die from their addiction. Imagine if we could have stopped these Queenslanders from smoking until they turned 21, knowing research shows us if we get them to 21 the chances are they will never smoke at all,” he said.

According to Mr Forrest, 95% of smokers started smoking before they reached the age of 21.

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