Coca-Cola’s Fuze Tea arrives in Australia

Coca-Cola has launched its new ice tea brand Fuze Tea in Australia.

The Fuze Tea range comprises of five flavours, including Wild Raspberry & Hibiscus, Summer Mango & Chamomile, Juicy Peach, Crisp Apple & Lemongrass and Zesty Lemon, made from a variety of teas including black, green and rooibos. Three of the five variants are low kilojoule and are sweetened with stevia.

The product is currently offered in 350ml and 1.25L bottles at grocery and petroleum stores, with low kilojoules fountain peach product also available at McDonalds Australia and Hungry Jacks Australia. Fuze Tea primarily targets the adult social occasion with a focus on capturing the attention of women in the 18-49 age bracket.

According to market research company Euromonitor International, ice tea is expected to become one of the fastest growing mainstream beverage segments in Australia over the next five years. Unilever currently dominates the sales of ice tea in Australia, and recorded a 78 per cent retail volume share in 2014 through its Lipton ice tea brand.

The launch of Fuze Tea is being supported by a multi-million dollar marketing push. The brand aims to deliver an aspirational iced tea offering to consumers and is positioned as a premium alternative within the category. In the coming months, the brand will launch a series of high-impact marketing initiatives including a TVC, out of home, PR and digital activity.

Coca-Cola South Pacific says a key pillar of the strategy is a partnership with Channel 7’s My Kitchen Rules, with full integration across the show’s platforms. This includes Fuze Tea championed as a signature welcome drink for contestants when they host their “instant restaurants” at their homes while there will be further product placement which will appear on the show throughout the season.

Emma Harper, brand manager of Fuze Tea, Coca-Cola South Pacific said: “Fuze Tea is an exciting brand that we are delighted to bring to market in Australia. We see a big opportunity to breathe some new life into the category and offer consumers a genuinely new proposition with new flavours and fusions that will change the way they think about iced tea.

“Watch this space as we continue to evolveFuze Tea in the coming months. In the mean time, we look forward to seeing consumers embrace the brand and its proposition. Over time, we’d like to see Fuze Tea at the heart of social occasions, associated with relaxing and good times with friends.

To read more about Australia’s ice tea market, pick up a copy of the February/March edition of C&I Retailing Magazine out now.

12 thoughts on “Coca-Cola’s Fuze Tea arrives in Australia”

  1. Caterina Messina

    I first came across this Fuze tea at the Australian open 2016 and quite like it. I have brought the big bottle and the small bottle but I am struggling to find it in my local supermarkets Coles and Woolworths. I find it strange since Fuze tea and Coles is a major sponser of TV program My Kitchen Rules.

  2. Hi just writing to ask why we can not purchase all the flavours of fuze tea at our local grocery stores.
    At our local Coles we can only buy the zesty lemon and the peach in the 350 ml and at our local Woolworths we can only buy the same but you can also get those two flavours in the large bottles.
    My family and I love the product but are hanging out to try the other flavours

  3. Totally hooked on wild raspberry & hibiscus but can’t get it anywhere! Why promote something that is not readily available?

  4. As Shirley said “Why promote a product if it’s not readily available.
    Love these teas, please make them available ASAP.

  5. Cant get enough of this stuff it is the best ice tea ever I have been completely converted
    JUST wish I could buy more of it at Woolworth’s they only have two variety’s
    THIS stuff needs to be created as a vodka lite spritz type drink for summer its so smooth and pleasant to drink anyway that’s just another thought as I have been drinking this stuff.

  6. why don’t stores stock the fuze tea flavour Apple & Lemongrass. I found it up north in garages, but nowhere else. Such a shame as it is really yummy. As I don’t really like the peach, it would be nice for woolies and coles and IGA to stock apple & lemongrass.

  7. Where can we buy Fuze tea besides grocery stores that do not carry it on a regular basis. Am tired of waiting for stock to arrive and seeing it advertised on TV when you cannot get all flavours or get any at all.

  8. I would like to know where I can purchase flavours of fuze tea other than lemon and peach. I see mango advertised on television but it is not available in coles or woolworths. Very frustrating

  9. Alice Louzada

    I used to buy bottles every week at woolsworth, even though they only had two flavours available. But now it has been months I cannot find it anymore

  10. Why did you stop making the Wild Raspberry and Hibiscus flavour it was absolutely awesome it stayed on the shelves for 2 mins after it was put out and then it just disappeared. Why??

  11. I love my fuze tea in little bottles and big bottles can’t seem to get any of them any more in supermarkets have you stop making them.

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