Coles launches new online portal, cans print catalogues

Coles has announced it will ditch its printed catalogues next month, as it directs content to a freshly launched online portal.

The supermarket retailer has today launched a new online ‘experience’ in coles&co, which will host its specials, curated content and recipes.

It follows an increase in traffic o Coles online since the onset of COVID-19, including a 50% increase in readership of their digital catalogue since Match.

Coles Group CEO Steven Cain said a weekly, ‘one size fits all’ catalogue model had become less relevant and a digital model better suited consumer needs, as shoppers shifted towards more frequent shops with smaller basket sizes.

 “We’re using our digital capabilities to replace it with something more personalised. As we add new features, this could include recipes that change daily rather than weekly, as well as tailored content on food and drink trends,” Mr Cain said.

“We will be investing more in digital content and capability for customers and suppliers, as well as better value by lowering the cost of breakfast, lunch and dinner, and improving our sustainability by reducing our reliance on paper.”

The new format allows shoppers to purchase via the ‘shoppable’ specials or add to their shopping list for in-sore shopping. The retailer will also feature content with celebrity chef Curtis Stone, such as recipe ideas for seasonal fruit and vegetables.

Printed catalogues will cease from September 9, which will save the retailer 10,000 tonnes of paper each year. In the last two decades, more than 200 billion pages of catalogues have been distributed to letterboxes. Printed catalogues will continue to be available in store.

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