Coles raises $250,000 to help disadvantaged women

Coles has raised over $250,000 for charity Fitted for Work, which supports unemployed or under-employed women return to the workforce.

Over the past two weeks, 10c from the purchase of every haircare, skincare, and cosmetic product sold has been donated to the charity, and will continue for the remainder of March.

Sally Fielke, General Manager Corporate and Indigenous Affairs and chair of the Coles Gender Equity Steering Committee at Coles Group, said she was proud of the campaign.

“When people have the skills and resources to realise their economic potential, they make an important contribution to our workplaces, communities, and the lives of their families. We know many women continue to face barriers, and we’re proud the money raised from this campaign will help many women build more confidence and get a step closer to finding work.”

Donna de Zwart, Managing Director of Fitted for Work, said thanks to the support of Coles, they are able to provide an additional 1600 women across Australia with job-readiness support, including resumé and cover letter advice, interview practice, personal outfitting and mentoring.

“At Fitted for Work, we believe in, we support, and we transform the work lives of women in the knowledge that when a woman is fitted for work, she is fitted for life. Through our partnership with Coles we aim to create a future that is equal, positive, and powerful for women in the workplace.”

Since 2005, Fitted for Work has supported over 40,000 women, with those accessing Fitted for Work’s services taking an average of 73 days to find employment compared with a national average of 17 months for women.

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