J.L. Lennard introduces new ultra-fast oven

J.L. Lennard’s new Pratica Fit Express speed oven that delivers cook times 20 times faster than industry norms will soon hit the market.

Available from 30 April at Foodservice Australia, the oven has the ability to deliver food from straight from the freezer to ready-to-serve in just 45 seconds and is perfect for convenience stores and petrol station food centres.

Using a combination of high speed forced-air convection heating and microwave energy, the Pratica Fit Express oven is suitable for a wide range of fresh, chilled, and frozen food, and has 1024 recipes already programmed into it.

Darren Cooper, Product Specialist at J.L. Lennard, said this all-stainless and easy-to-use ultra-fast oven – which costs typically just two-thirds of traditional alternatives – is designed to cost-effectively drive business growth while decreasing pressure on kitchens.

“The Pratica Fit Express’ simply-operated controls mean users are no further than two presses away from cooking all their favourite dishes, through a memory that can hold up to 1024 recipes with eight cooking stages, all operated by a simple-to-use, icon-driven touch screen – much like a smart phone.”

Able to fit on a 600mm bench top, The Pratica Fit Express has the largest cooking chamber in its category, doesn’t need duel-sided ventilation, and consumes just 11.48 KW over 24 hours, which is a about a third less power than the alternatives.

Controlled through a touchscreen with just two buttons, it is ideal for both savvy youthful operators and those with young staff and comes with an Internet of Kitchen (IOK) system that operates free of charge to registered users, connecting using a security encrypted WAP protocol from any Wi-Fi hotspot.

When it comes to cleaning, the oven features a curved interior with detachable interior fittings for easy access, as well as a step-by-step guide with video-prompted support.

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