Coles ramps up convenience with small format store

Coles has unveiled a brand-new concept with the opening of the new Coles Local in St Kilda, Victoria.

The new store which further challenges the convenience sector due to its small format, features a “living herb wall”, the largest range of vegan and vegetarian products in the country, a pick-and-mix bar just for dogs, a pineapple coring machine and a “deconstructed meal kit station” which helps customers create custom made delicious dinners that can be prepared in 30 minutes or less. 

Coles St Kilda

Coles conducted extensive research into the needs of local St Kilda shoppers who wanted more convenience at meal times, healthy meal options and expressed a love of their furry friends. They are overwhelmingly aged between 20 – 35 and did not fit the typical nine-to-five working mould. 

According to Coles, the new store aims to be a destination for health and convenience offering more than 600 new, ready-to-eat products designed to make life easier for busy customers.

Coles CEO Steven Cain said the offer has been specifically tailored to meet the needs of customers in the local community. 

“We are committed to provide the very best food and drink solutions to our customers and this store in St Kilda has been designed to appeal to the interests and lifestyles of local residents,” said Cain. 

“Our offering delivers locally-sourced specialty products that help customers lead healthier and happier lives, allowing them to balance work, life and play in their busy schedules,” Cain said. 

“Customers can grab breakfast on the way to work, enjoy lunch between meetings and have dinner on the table without sacrificing time with family and friends.” 

The expanded convenience offering includes vibrant southeast Asian flavours from Roll’d, tasty sushi from Sushi Sushi and fresh salads and meals from local favourite, Foxes Den.

The St Kilda store features a range of tailored produce including small-batch, natural and organic nut butters from 99th Monkey, all-natural sodas and mixers from Carlton-based craft drink maker Strangelove, pastries from traditional French bakery Noisette, a range of premium treats and gifts from artisan chocolatiers Melbourne Cocoa, and a selection of meats from cult restaurateur Andrew McConnell’s butchery range Meatsmith. 

Local coffee aficionados DC Specialty Coffee Roasters have created a specialty ‘St Kilda’ blend of coffee, only available at Coles Local St Kilda. The blend features coffees from Armenia, Colombia and Brazil with notes of vanilla, almond, dark chocolate and toffee apple. Page 2 of 2 

The store also features improved sustainability measures including doors on all fridges to reduce energy use, as well as a zero-food waste policy under which unsold food that cannot be donated is diverted to organic composting and green energy generation. 

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