Coles trials Uber Eats with grocery staples

Coles has expanded its Uber Eats trial by widening its range of options to include everyday grocery items.

Along with adding four more stores, to the trial, customers now have more choice in what items they want to have delivered.

According to InsideFMCG, each of the partnering Coles stores offers an ‘Absolute Essentials’ range which includes milk, juice, bread, salad, fruit, cereal and more.

Retail expert Associate Professor Gary Mortimer says the expansion of the trial demonstrates a growing appetite for convenience.

“This trial illustrates how supermarkets are responding to an ever changing consumer market,” Mortimer told Inside FMCG.

“Coles clearly recognises that people are time poor and are responding to this trend.”

Grocery items purchased through Coles via Uber Eats, will cost customers slightly more than if it was purchased directly in store.

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