Japanese 7-Eleven out-does the rest

A YouTuber named Mike Chen has shown what 7-Eleven Japan has on offer compared to its stores in the rest of the world.

In Mr Chen’s video on his channel Strictly Dumpling, he finds things among the aisles picking up ramen and soups,  dried squid, salmon  onigiri, fish cakes, fried chicken, fatty beef, countless buns, a gigantic green tea cookie, a strawberry cream sandwich, and some sort of matcha ice cream burrito, according to ThisIsInsider.

Mr Chen’s video demonstrates the plethora of options available compared to other 7-Eleven stores across the world.

One of the comments on Mr Chen’s video, states that it appears as though you can get a five course meal at a Japanese 7-Eleven, compared with nachos in the USA.

Another commenter by the name of Swirly said: “Japan has something America doesn’t have… effort”.

Tokyo is home to 2,600 7-Eleven stores, compared to just over 100 in New York.


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