Common supermarket insurance claims: Public liability – slip and fall

In this series, Matt Ritson, Co-founder of IndiHub, explores the top three supermarket insurance claims that grocery stores are most susceptible to.

As part of their risk management, independent supermarket owners should be constantly aware of any ‘slip and fall’ hazards. These types of accidents occur when a third-party slips, trips, or falls in another sort of way, then files a personal injury claim for injuries they suffered due to that fall.

Housekeeping issues are mainly to blame for ‘slip and fall’ claims. For example, if there is liquid, produce, or boxes on the floor in places where customers frequent, these factors could be cause for unsafe foot travel and eventual falling. We recommend keeping the floor clean, dry, and free of any obstructions to prevent claims (or accidents) from occurring in your store.

The reason that grocery stores are so susceptible to these types of claims is because they are typically large retail stores and serve a large number of customers. Inside a grocery store, there are also many items that are capable of falling onto the floor and creating an obstruction for customers. Some of those items could be squashed or damaged fruit or liquid products that have been damaged and leaked onto the floor.

‘Slip and fall’ accidents are usually included within general liability coverage, something that most supermarket insurance policies have as a standard form of protection. When you review this section of your policy, make sure to analyse the limits in order to make sure that your grocery store has ample protection against potential lawsuits.

Insurance policies can be hard to understand and difficult to decipher. If you’re not sure about your coverage for this type of risk the team at IndiHub are here to help.

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