Rocketman launches into canned coffee market

Now launching into the booming canned coffee market is a brand-new product with a unique twist. Rocketman is a set of nitrogen-infused, 24 hours cold-brewed coffee, packing an explosive energy boost.

Rocketman is made by Rosso Group, an Australian-owned and established player known industry-wide for a range of products including Boston Black Coffee, which is currently in use in 400 venues across the country. 

Rocketman’s mission is to bring the trending Nitro cold brew scene stemming from the USA to Australian shores. Incorporating Rosso’s signature brewing process with the rich, heady texture of nitrogenated coffee to create a truly one-of-a-kind product in the Australian market. Nitrogenation in coffee is known to emphasise the natural sweetness of the brew in addition to creating a smooth, creamy mouthfeel. Rocketman is available in both a straight black and a creamy oat milk variety.

The canned coffee market is worth $20 billion globally while the Australian market lacks significant competition, and Australian consumers are infamously discerning in their taste for coffee and their preference for healthy, natural products. Rocketman offers a meaningful breakthrough in quality within this category featuring 100 per cent Brazilian primavera coffee, high-quality additive-free oat milk, and a pure 24-hour cold brewing process creating a nuanced taste and texture with no compromise on the purity of ingredients – perfect for Australian consumers.

Further, the product is brewed in Melbourne, Australia, a city known for its immense coffee culture that appeals to those in the know as well as those customers who prefer and trust local Australian businesses for their quality and ethical standards.

Rocketman is an Australian-made, low-calorie, high-quality RTD coffee product in an up-and-coming segment with a unique nitrogenated texture that is fine-tuned for Australian preferences. Find out more at

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