Consumers willing to spend more and wait longer to shop sustainably

Despite mounting economic pressures, consumers are willing to spend more and wait longer to shop from brands that are sustainable.

A new study from Shopify has found consumer habits are changing radically, with more than half of Australian consumers reporting they routinely shop sustainably and will continue to do so even if they have to wait longer for delivery.

“Conscious commerce is growing on a mass scale, and plays a significant role in the purchasing decision of today’s consumer,” says Shaun Broughton, APAC Managing Director at Shopify.

“It’s incredibly promising to see the determination of both consumers and businesses to make better choices for the environment through these findings. As an industry, it’s now critical that everyone plays their role in lowering the barriers so that conscious shopping doesn’t come at a cost to the planet,” he says.

Australians are also more comfortable recommending purchases when buying from a sustainable company (61 per cent) and are willing to pay more for them (39 per cent). 

Retailers, too, are conforming with three quarters citing sustainability as one of their core values and the majority (82 per cent) agree it’s a primary consideration for consumer brand loyalty.

International trends correlate, as shown in the global Shopify eCommerce Market Credibility Study 2022, which found people were four times more likely to purchase from companies with strong brand values, and a massive 77 per cent were concerned about the environmental impact of the products they buy. 

Consumers are also changing how they shop, with in-person and social commerce on the rise and social sales set to nearly triple by 2025. 

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