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KFC, a subsidiary of Yum! Brands, is using an Aruba Networks Wi-Fi solution with features designed for today’s savvy retailers to promote customer engagement and increase time in-store, as well as to deliver tailored marketing and promotional offers. According to Saqib Hussnain, Enterprise Systems Manager at KFC, “KFC is a contemporary brand, that aims to please and satisfy customers. With the increased desire from customers to use handheld devices such as their smartphone, anytime, anywhere, we knew it was essential to provide an effective Wi-Fi service in store.”

Newly launched Aruba Mobile Engagement, an interactive and personalised mobile solution based on Wi-Fi and location services powered by Aruba Beacons, will allow retailers to deliver onsite location services that interact with customers based on their position and personalised profiles.

Now with the introduction of Aruba Mobile Engagement, organisations like KFC will be able to deliver customised push notifications and precise onsite navigation to users’ mobile devices based on their opted-in, personalised profile settings and position inside a venue. The new platform enables venues’ marketing and IT departments to partner more effectively resulting in increased customer loyalty, satisfaction and revenue.

Using the system, customers can securely opt-in to receive mobile push notifications. Privacy concerns are minimised as the system does not capture or retain customer information and requires multiple layers of acknowledgement from the mobile user before activation. Additionally, Aruba Mobile Engagement allows mobile device users to position themselves by searching for Aruba Beacons versus competing approaches that use hardware in a venue to search for the user. Notifications will only “wake up” a mobile app after customers have completed a three-stage opt-in process, are next to a point of interest they care about, and input information to create their profile in the mobile app. If customers no longer wish to receive notifications, they can simply opt out ending all communications between the customers’ mobile devices and the venue.

The Aruba Networks solution currently being utilised by KFC extends the retailer’s specials and deals to customers’ mobile devices when they are connected in-store. When customers access the Wi-Fi network after accepting the terms and conditions, they are immediately directed to a page featuring a KFC special offer. According to Mr Hussnain, this marketing capability has enhanced customer engagement with special offerings. “We conducted an analysis and found the uptake of deals in Wi-Fi stores was much higher compared to the non-Wi-Fi stores. The ability to deliver marketing through video advertisements or discount offers was a key driver in KFC choosing Aruba’s solution. With links to a CRM system, these messages could be a personalised and unique offering.”

The Wi-Fi value-add for customers has been a huge success for KFC, providing a point of differentiation against competitors and by meeting growing needs for connectedness and brand engagement has put KFC at the forefront of a highly competitive retail market.

Retailers rely heavily on loyalty to encourage customers to stay on premises longer and ultimately, influence their buying decisions; and can retain more customers for longer by improving their experience and delivering location-based personalised offers and incentives to eat, shop and relax onsite. The system also provides a mechanism to deliver tailored promotions to customers while they are on the premises.

The new home of the San Francisco 49ers and one of the world’s most advanced open-air sports and entertainment venues, Levi’s® Stadium features Aruba mobility technology to deliver exclusive content, venue information and services to visiting fans.

Nebraska Furniture Mart is the largest home furnishing, flooring, appliance and electronics store in North America. Its retail outlets range in size from 450,000 to 560,000 square feet, which makes it critical for customers to be able to effortlessly locate products.

According to Robyn Messerly, software development, Nebraska Furniture Mart, “Aruba Mobile Engagement turns our customers’ smart phones into personal shoppers. When they enter one of our stores, we can now give them turn-by-turn directions to our products’ exact location in the store.”

Aruba Mobile Engagement will be generally available in the first quarter of 2015.

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