Dare Double Espresso with no sugar added

Dare is set to launch Dare No Sugar Added, a delicious new iced coffee product that has the same smooth taste as top-selling Dare Double Espresso. However, no sugar has been added to the product, making it a great ‘better for you’ option.

Crafted using the same combination of fresh full cream Australian milk and 100% Robusta and Arabica coffee beans, the product contains only natural milk sugars.

“This new product launch from Dare is a great example of how we are fulfilling the goals of Our Goodness Promise, by introducing ‘better for you’ versions of beloved products across the Lion Dairy & Drinks portfolio”, said Lion Dairy & Drinks Marketing and Innovation Director Darryn Wallace.

“We believe in providing consumers with choice, and this new product offering is a great way to offer fans of Dare Iced Coffee a range of options to suit their needs.”

“We know fans of Dare love the taste of Dare Double Espresso, so we’ve worked hard to ensure Dare Double Espresso No Sugar Added packs the same delicious coffee fix.”

To find out more about Dare Double Espresso No Sugar Added visit www.dareicedcoffee.com.au and Dare Iced Coffee Facebook.

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