Dare Iced Coffee launches limited-edition bottles to ask R U OK?

Australia’s leading iced coffee brand1 Dare has launched special limited-edition bottles to inspire drinkers to check in with mates and loved ones and ask, “are you ok”?

Continuing its partnership with Australian harm prevention charity R U OK?, the roll-out of 6.7 million limited edition Dare 500ml and 750ml bottles, comes at a time when many Australians are doing it particularly tough.

The R U OK? message will be featured on the front of Dare packs in the lead up to R U OK? Day on 9 September, and the back of pack will show the four steps for having a conversation with a mate.

With most Australians currently experiencing some form of lockdown and restrictions, Dare Iced Coffee Brand Manager, Anne Scott, said this initiative has come at the perfect time.

“R U OK? is about encouraging life changing conversations and creating a more connected world, and during these incredibly challenging times, these conversations are more important than ever,” she said.

“Dare is the leading iced coffee brand in Australia and we have the opportunity to reach millions of Australians and remind them to check in on their friends, family and colleagues who may be struggling.

“Dare’s always been known for saying ‘A Dare fix’ll fix it’, but the truth is, a Dare fix can’t fix many of life’s challenges. Thankfully, a conversation could.

“We are extremely proud to partner with R U OK? and hope that by putting the R U OK? message into the hands of millions of Aussies, we can encourage more people to check in with those around them and really listen to what they say.”

Katherine Newton, CEO, R U OK?, welcomed the support of Dare Iced Coffee to help share the R U OK? message.

“This year we’re asking Australians to consider how the people in their world are really going. This partnership enables us to get this message into the hands of even more Australians along with our guidance on how to keep the conversation going if someone says, ‘No, I’m not OK’.

“We all go through life’s ups and downs and the support of family and friends can make a huge difference when we face challenges. We want people to ask early and often, and not wait until someone is visibly distressed.”

As part of the second year in partnership, Dare will support R U OK? across its social channels, online video content and high-profile sponsorships with football clubs including St Kilda and the Canberra Raiders.

The Dare team is also featuring on SEN radio with a 15-week podcast series titled ‘The Conversations That Could’, where host and AFL legend Dermott Brereton sits down with guests from across the sporting landscape, to start a meaningful conversation around mental health.

Dare fans will be able to find the limited-edition R U OK? Dare bottles in-store this week until mid-September

For more information on R U OK? visit www.ruok.org


1 Source: IRI Convenience MAT 08/08/21 & IRI Grocery MAT 08/08/21, Volume & Dollars

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