Donuts too tempting for this truck thief

The stolen truck collided with this Central Coast property. The family was unharmed. Image: ABC

A delivery truck laden with fresh donuts and flavoured milk spilled its precious cargo of sweet snacks last week, after it collided with a Central Coast family home.

The occupants, a family of four with two young children, escaped the incident unharmed, but not so for the hapless driver, who had stolen the truck from a Wyong C-store on Friday.

An eye-witness who saw the thief steal the truck followed in his own vehicle, and was first to attend the accident scene.

“[I] ended up supporting the guy’s head, trying to make sure he’s still okay,” the witness said.

Police said the driver lost control of the bulk-refrigerated truck when he failed to correctly negotiate a roundabout.

The truck crashed down an embankment and into a family home where it came to a stop in one of the bedrooms.

Police Inspector Jennifer Lawton said the driver was ejected from the truck and sustained facial injuries.

“He was taken to Wyong Hospital and then flown to Royal North Shore,” she said.

“Luckily none of the people in the houses were injured.”

The accident left cartons of OAK strawberry milk and iced coffee were strewn across the street and residential properties.

The distinctive icing patterns made the provenance of these donuts clear; Krispy Kremes on their way to 7-Eleven stores. Image: ABC

Neighbouring resident Keileigh Ferguson said she heard the truck speeding towards her house, and was able to move to a safe place before the impact.

“There was a massive crash and I heard things crashing onto our roof,” she said.

“I ran next door to make sure everyone was OK. The owners were home and the son had only just left the bedroom and was walking into the lounge.

“We have a broken window, a pole has speared through our roof and there’s rubbish and truck parts everywhere.”

C&I Week recently discovered that the donuts in question were Krispy Kreme brand donuts, on route for Central Coast 7-Eleven stores.

A spokesperson for 7-Eleven confirmed that the delivery truck was contracted for 7-Eleven deliveries, but declined to comment directly on the matter.

The thief was later charged with robbery, unlicensed driving and negligent driving, and is due to appear in court in August.

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